How To Take Dollar General Guest Satisfaction Survey ?

DGCustomerFirst ( Dollar General Survey at; Win $1000 Gift Card.</p

DGCustomerFirst ( Dollar General Survey at provided their customers with an amazing opportunity to win a splendid dollar general survey gift card of $1000 just by filling out a brief survey form. Are you looking forward to being a part of this survey?

The Dollar General Survey is an opportunity for all their customers to provide honest feedback regarding the quality of products, services, and customer care center.

Take Dollar General Survey and Win$1000

The following article contains all the details regarding the Dollar General Survey, Prerequisites of the survey, Rules and regulations and other important related information.

Dollar General Survey (

Dollar General management has specifically designed this survey in order to stay in touch with their customers and receive constant feedback as well as receive suggestions in order to improve the quality of their products and services.

Users can enter the sweepstakes with a chance of winning a grand prize of $1000 simply by filling out a brief questionnaire about the quality of products and services provided to their valued customers by Dollar General.

The dollar general survey can be accessed at the following URL: (Click here)  and contains questions covering all the necessary options which are important in order to access customer feedback.

Customers can also put forward their suggestions, concerns, issues etc through this online DG Customer First survey which enables them to improve their quality of their services and provide users with an enhanced user experience.

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Dollar General Survey Requirements

The prerequisites for participating in Dollar General Survey with a chance to win a grand prize of $1000 are as following:

  • In order to participate in the dollar general survey, you must visit one of the dollar general stores and shop from there so that you have a receipt on which code is written which needs to be entered in order to participate in the survey
  • You must have a computer or laptop with an internet connection in order to access and fill out the survey form
  • You must have the store number from which the purchase has been made in order to access the Survey
  • You must have the Date and Time information of the purchase as it is also a mandatory information in order to fill out the survey
Note: The Store number, Date and Time information is written at the top of the receipt.

Dollar General Survey Rules

The rules which must be followed in order to be eligible for the survey are mentioned below :

  • You must be at least eighteen years of age
  • You must be an American citizen in order to be eligible for participating in Dollar General Survey (
  • The Dollar General employees and other people linked to the company cannot participate in this survey
  • The household of the employees can participate by submitting just one entry per month and they have to create a new entry each month

Dollar General Survey StepsDollar General Survey

In order to complete the Dollar General Online Customer Survey, the following steps must be followed so that you can enter the sweepstakes for the monthly $1000 grand prize.

  • Go to the Dollar General Survey available at DG Customer first URL by clicking here
Note: The Survey available on Dollar General URL: has ended and a new program starting from February 4, 2017, has been introduced where customers can connect with Dollar General through DG Customer First at URL:
  • Enter Date, Time and Store number which are provided on the receipt provided to you by the store when you purchased any items
  • Enter the 15 digit Survey code and click on Start
Note: The 15 digit code is written at the bottom of the receipt
  • Users can choose from Spanish and English according to their personal preference in order to fill out this survey.
  • Users can click on Espanol at the bottom to fill the survey in Spanish


  • Users can also choose their preferred language after entering code and other details and proceeding to the next step
  • After clicking on Next Screen a number of question regarding the products, service, and quality will appear, Answer all these questions as well as list down your suggestions and issues and click on next screen.
  • After completion of the Dollar General Survey, users are required to enter their contact details including full name, address and other contact details
  • The following screen appears after completion of the survey and user will enter the monthly sweepstakes for the grand prize

Dollar General Survey

About Dollar General

Dollar General is an American general store which has made shopping easier and convenient and provides the customers with items available at affordable prices. With more than 12,500 stores in 43 states dollar general offers the users with a wide range of products including food, snacks, health and beauty aids, as well as cleaning supplies, family apparel, housewares and various seasonal items.

Dollar General Contact Information

You can contact dollar general management by filling out their online contact form. Enter your first and last name, email address, phone number, order number (optionally), address, city, state and postal code. You can also select a subject for your inquiry.

Dollar General Phone Number: 877-463-1553

I hope you like my post regarding Dollar General Survey that you can take on because is not available anymore for users to take the survey. If you need any kind of help regards DollarGeneralSurvey Please let me know!

Dollar General Survey ( : Visit Dollar General Customer Survey to Win $1000 Gift Card at

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  1. Randy Reneau says

    It’s a shame that Dollar General doesn’t want customers coming to their stores. The survey is reason my wife goes to your store. It doesn’t matter to me. But your limitations can only limit your customers from coming in. Your prices can not be in general any better than most stores. This is a disappointment for me. You use the carrot to get the goat. I have no reason to be a customer when all things are the same.

  2. Wayne Douglas Rogers says

    I was treated like a criminal as I walked into Dollar General Store #13268 on 1706 W 2nd Street in Roswell, NM. A lady, who I at first thought had some kind of infatuation with me (she wasn’t dressed like a dollar store employee) followed me ALL OVER THE STORE. I am 48 years old, and I have NEVER been treated this way before! I don’t plan to EVER come back to THAT store or ANY Dollar General Store! I am going to make sure that this woman is repromanded and that I report ALL ACROSS the INTERNET the DISGUSTING WAY I WAS TREATED!!!

  3. Steve Teichman says

    Mr. Rogers, I’m not sure why they did that to you. I’ve been to a great many of their stores, including that one. I’m not trying to defend them. As I wasn’t there I have no idea why they treated you this way. Maybe they just found out that they were getting a divorce or something equally as bad. Still not an excuse but it’s possible. I am one of those people that just looks mean and like I’m going to rob the place and not buy anything and still have never been treated like you were. Wallmart , yes many times, so I only go there to mess with them. I’ll even try to make it look like I’m going to at least shoplift something. Yes I am a very sarcastic person and I make the most of it but, I have never been treated like that at a Dollar General. Any of them. I hope this was a fluke and never happens to you ever again, it’s happened to me since I was 13 and I am now 58 so I have many ways to “get even “. I don’t steal anything or tear anything up, since I look like I’d rather thump your head than smile it’s become easy for me to let them know that I am not happy. Don’t let some jerk mess it up for you. I’m not trying to talk you out of reporting these people, on the contrary, by all means go forward with it but at least try another store before denouncing the entire chain. Good luck to you and I hope it’s a good ride from here on. My name is Steve Teichman and I live just outside of Hot Springs AR. My email is if you are inclined to reply. Hope you have an excellent holiday experience.

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